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David Ruiter

President's Forum with David Ruiter

Lost & Found: Higher Education Equity Post-Pandemic
David Ruiter, Faculty Director of the Teaching and Learning Commons, University of California San Diego

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The event has concluded, but you can still read the summary below about President Mantella, Provost Mili, and David Ruiter's discussion regarding a learning framework designed to help discover what we've lost, what we've found, and how to apply that at critical moments. The forum centered around the idea that as we focus on creating a culture of educational equity as part of our Reach Higher commitments, we know that students come to higher education having navigated around a wide range of challenges and obstacles. David Ruiter, Ph.D., looked at how learners have found skill development and resourcefulness and asked how the higher education community is applying this learning to help chart new and sustainable pathways to equity.

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Fall 2023

President’s Forum with Bryan Alexander 

Universities On Fire: Higher Education in The Age of Climate Crisis
Bryan Alexander, Senior Scholar, Georgetown University

Monday, October 16, 2023

The event has concluded, but you can still catch the insightful conversation between President Mantella and Provost Mili on responding to the deepening climate crisis. Click the button below to watch the recording and explore how global warming could reshape the physical campus, from architecture to grounds, electrical power to food service. Alexander shared his findings on how research and teaching could transform to grapple with the global crisis, offering valuable insights on how colleges and universities can best anticipate and act in the face of civilization's greatest challenge.

View the recording here

President’s Forum with Bror Saxberg

Learning Engineering: The Art of Applying the Sciences of Learning to Education
Bror Saxberg, Founder, LearningForge LLC

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

You can still catch the engaging conversation featuring Bryan Alexander, President Mantella, Provost Fatma Mili, and Kara Van Dam. Click the button below to access the recording and delve into the wealth of knowledge about learning and motivation derived from decades of research. Discover how these insights can shape new learning approaches, and explore the unchanging biological basis of learning and motivation in the face of accelerating technologies, including AI. Gain valuable insights into how our understanding of learning and motivation can lead to seeking and iterating compatible solutions from the technologies around us.

View the recording here

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