Jordan Crandell

2014 IR graduate is teaching in Vietnam

Paul Bratt

2013 IR Graduate and University of Michigan Law School Graduate, now Judicial Clerk in U.S. District Court

Ashley DeBoer VandeBunte

Director of Meetings for APSA

Amy Fuerstenau

Former Advisor to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senior Political Strategist at the Energy Foundation

Kaylin Klein

2015 IR Graduate is Teaching English in Japan

Kristina Wallace

Program Manager at Pardee RAND Graduate School in Los Angeles

Jessica Soto Smith

Global Engagement Team, Buffett Institute for Global Studies at Northwestern University

Kristina Bray

STAIR IR Grad Works as Customs Compliance Officer

Tim Zeeb

IR Grad Pursues Career in Finance, Becomes Managing Director at Conway MacKenzie

Kristen Childs

IR and Geography graduate studying GIS on DAAD scholarship in Germany and Boren scholarship in Slovenia

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