Myesha Dills

Myesha Dills

Myesha Dills graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2020, receiving a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. During her time at GVSU, Myesha worked as a conversation partner for International Students and as a teaching assistant while studying abroad.

Myesha has many memorable experiences while attending GVSU. She particularly enjoyed participating in cultural organization events held around campus, where she could learn and develop an understanding of cultural diversity. Myesha enjoyed attending her classes and interacting with her professors, stating “my professors, especially Professor Diven and Professor Herlands, helped me to get where I am. They always gave me advice and encouragement when I needed it.”

Myesha is currently living in Japan, where she works as an Assistant English Teacher. Her goal is to support English teachers while also providing aid to students by providing proper pronunciation, grammar, and translations. Myesha’s favorite part about her job in Japan is making English fun for the students.

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Page last modified June 6, 2023