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Endowment Match Policy

SLT 8.2

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

To provide additional incentive for employees to support endowments the President provides a match equal to the amount of the employee’s gift. Gifts are defined as outright gifts, payments and sustainer payments. 


The following criteria are to be followed:

Only contributions to named endowments will qualify for matching funds.

Current and retired faculty and staff and their spouse’s contributions will be eligible for match. This definition excludes adjunct faculty and staff.

The available funds for matching will be limited to $250,000 or the level of current year earnings off of the unrestricted endowed funds. If contributions eligible for match exceed $250,000, the match funds will need to be evaluated.

The match on one single gift is limited up to $25,000. Gifts over $25,000 will be reviewed by the Vice President for Development and a match decision will be made at the time based on the availability of funds and commitment of those funds at the time.

The eligible contributions that are received during the calendar year will be matched in the following February. Any eligible gifts received or committed after December 31st will be matched the following February