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Non-Tenure Track Faculty Salary Administration

BOT 4.3.2

Policy Statement

4.3.2 Salary Administration

A compensable pay period shall be any period in which an Adjunct Faculty member has fulfilled all of their assigned responsibilities. For all or any part of such a period when an Adjunct Faculty member has failed to meet the assigned responsibilities of compensable service they shall incur a proportionate forfeiture.

Adjunct Faculty shall be compensated in accordance with the Adjunct Faculty Compensation Schedule. Salary is normally paid in semi-monthly installments.

In the case of Visiting Faculty and Affiliate Faculty whose appointments are renewed, salary advancement will normally be based on meritorious service. Adjustments will normally take effect at the beginning of the academic or fiscal year. For the purposes of Section 4.3.2, the academic year or fiscal year begins August 6.

The minimum rate will normally apply for persons possessing qualifications not significantly above the minimum. The starting rates will be administratively set by the appointing officer at a level judged to be commensurate with the applicant's educational credentials, prior experience, special skills, and promising qualities. For purposes of Sections 4.2 and 4.3, the academic year or fiscal year begins August 6.