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General Personnel Policies for Faculty and Staff - Personnel Information

BOT 4.1.5

Policy Statement

4.1.5 Personnel Information All personnel information and files maintained by the University are the confidential property of the University and are maintained in the Human Resources office and within the department within which a faculty or staff member works. Faculty and staff members can expect that a right to a reasonable degree of privacy will be honored and that the confidential character of certain personnel data will be respected as such. Generally, release of information and/or access to such information should be restricted in accordance with the policies of the University. Whenever possible, information released for public purposes shall be in a form which will protect the anonymity of the individual; however, as of October 1979, Michigan law does require that salary information be available to the public. All personnel information collected shall be pertinent to the needs of the University. Access to personnel files is limited to those persons responsible for personnel and the faculty or staff member's supervisor. Letters of recommendation are the confidential property of the provider. A faculty or staff member will not be given access to letters of recommendation concerning themselves unless the provider of such recommendation agrees, in writing, to allow such access. All personnel records will be retained for the length of the faculty or staff member's service and thereafter in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Temporary records such as insurance claims will be maintained only so long as they have a useful life. Records of terminated faculty and staff members will be maintained for a minimum of seven years and thereafter only those portions having a useful life will be maintained. Information of an official nature for state and federal agencies will be provided to the extent of the matter at hand and within the limits of the law. No anonymous information will be maintained in the files. Records of disciplinary actions will be placed in the personnel files only after the individual has had an opportunity to view a copy. The University will provide prospective employers with title, employment dates, and eligibility for rehire status only, unless additional information is requested by the faculty or staff member or former faculty or staff member. Recommendations by individual supervisors may be made at their own discretion and at their own risk, recognizing that the University may be responsible for the information given. 

Personnel files may include, but are not limited to, payroll information and documentation, records of employment actions and documentation, records required by federal, state and local law, employment applications, vitae and resumes, recommendations, interview comments, fringe benefit information, merit and performance evaluation, records and documentation of disciplinary actions, official transcripts of baccalaureate or post baccalaureate degrees and such other information as may be needed from time to time. Other files maintained in accordance with the faculty appointment and evaluation policy and covered by the limitations expressed in that policy may be housed elsewhere.