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Official Degrees

BOT 3.2


3.2.1 Official Degree Programs

Grand Valley offers undergraduate, graduate, specialist, and professional doctorate degrees: 

Refer to Table 1: Official Degree Programs

Grand Valley also offers a variety of certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels which represent awards for completion of alternate levels of existing degree programs. 

The Board of Trustees approves the addition of new academic degree programs and discontinuation of existing academic degree programs, acting upon the advice of the President. Curriculum changes made to existing academic degree programs, including academic degree titles, are to be made by the Provost. 

3.2.2 Undergraduate Degree Programs:

Refer to Table 2: Undergraduate Degree Programs

3.2.3 Graduate Degree Programs

Refer to Table 3: Graduate Degree Programs

3.2.4 Specialist Degree Program

Refer to Table 4: Specialist Degree Program

3.2.5 Doctoral Degree Program

Refer to Table 5: Doctoral Degree Program