Deon Evans

Deon Evans

Year Graduated:
December 2018

Physical Education/Health Education

Jobs Since Graduation:
2019 - Present: River City Scholars Charter Academy, Grand Rapids, MI - Physical Education Teacher (K-8); Athletic Director

Thoughts on Time at Grand Valley:
"My time at GV was amazing. From PE club to IM sports to going to SHAPE conferences. I got to meet so many influential people from my fellow classmates to the professors. I really grew up here, even though I came in as a non-traditional student and was a bit older than everyone, I still felt like I belonged. Some advice I would give to current and future students is to network around campus, try new experiences, and be true to yourself. Also be curious and ask many questions, not only in the academic setting, but also in life. Hope your time is well spent. Grace and Peace."

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