Study/Work Abroad

The Padnos College of Engineering and Computing is working with the Padnos International Center to expand study and work abroad opportunities for our students. This study abroad promotional video identifies the benefits and challenges students should take into account when considering a study abroad experience. The film combines footage shot overseas, with student photographs and student interviews to present an engaging and inspiring beginning to any journey abroad. If you are interested in study or work abroad opportunities, you can start planning your journey abroad by attending a First Step Meeting, or by visiting the Padnos International Center in 130 Lake Ontario Hall during Office Hours.

Why Study or Work Abroad?

GVSU encourages students to study internationally because of the professional and personal skills students develop during a program abroad. Employers are increasingly looking for people with the following skills acquired through such experiences, which also help students be more competitive in an increasingly global economy.  

  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • The ability to work in diverse teams
  • Language proficiency
  • Experience in a global work environment
  • Maturity and flexibility developed while abroad

Fulfill World Perspectives and Issues Requirements

What many students do not know is that the completion of just one three-credit course abroad will automatically fulfill the World Perspectives requirement (3 credits).

Additionally, depending on the program and courses chosen, taking 6 credits abroad and submitting a written reflection paper with the corresponding form to the General Education Office within 60 days after the end of the study abroad program will allow students to fulfill up to 6 credits of the general education Issues requirement. It is possible to earn credit for World Perspectives, Issues and a major course with just one course abroad. The student must acquire the appropriate approvals. Note: Courses cannot count for both Issues and Foundation credit.

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Rothenburg, Germany

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