GVSU Tech Talks Highlight Work of School of Computing Faculty and Students

September 30, 2023

GVSU Tech Talks Highlight Work of School of Computing Faculty and Students

As part of Tech Week Grand Rapids, GVSU experts in cybersecurity, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and extended reality gave a glimpse into their groundbreaking work and technology during the GVSU Tech Talks on September 20 at the John G. Russell Leadership Center in Grand Rapids. 

Dr. Zach DeBruine, assistant professor of computing, is leading research into bioinformatics and developing artificial intelligence algorithms to manage massive biological data files. DeBruine offered his son’s experiences with the health care system as a caveat and a prediction.

His son was diagnosed with epilepsy, but repeated trips to the emergency room could not determine the correct medication to alleviate his symptoms. 

The correct medication was finally discovered, and DeBruine said his son has been seizure-free for years, but coupled with his bioinformatic research, DeBruine said, artificial intelligence will eliminate that lengthy diagnostic process.

“We’ll be revisiting how we store electronic health records and process them,” DeBruine said. “We’ll be revisiting charting software and where it becomes intelligent.

“This is when clinicians can interface with their knowledge base and the history of that patient will have software that makes recommendations or software that provides insights.”

Read the full article by Brian Vernellis here: http://gvsu.edu/s/2rS

Photo by Kendra Stanley-Mills

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