GVSU Alum Named as Rising Star of Safety

October 21, 2021

GVSU Alum Named as Rising Star of Safety

Rising Stars of Safety, Class of 2021

Olivia Gleason

Age: 26
Safety Professional
Warren, MI

“Olivia worked with the environmental team to establish a day dedicated to promoting the principles of safety, environment and energy. Olivia developed an integrated EHS project on aquaponics, generating engagement in the event, and showed how the principles of EHS can be applied to a variety of activities both in and outside of work. The project includes a demonstration, trifold, handouts and instructions on how to build a functional aquaponics system at home on a budget, including seed packages to get them started. Olivia also worked with the onsite health specialists to ensure they were available to answer any questions, provide health evaluations and offer health supplements.”

Original article and image can be found at Safety + Health.

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