School of CIS Announces Name Change to School of Computing

June 28, 2021

School of CIS Announces Name Change to School of Computing

Computing programs at Grand Valley began in the early 1970s as a single major; computer science, in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department.  An information systems major was added, and a new academic unit spun off as the Computer Science and Information Systems Department in 1994.  Subsequently, we began adding related academic programs such as the masters in healthcare informatics and bioinformatics and reorganized as the School of Computing and Information Systems in 2004. 

The term “computing” was emerging as the all-inclusive name for a fast-growing number of related programs, now including; computer science, computer engineering, cybersecurity, information systems, information technology, software engineering, and data science.  Therefore we replaced computer science with computing in our name.  However, now that we offer most of the programs under the computing label delineated above, we felt that we no longer needed to highlight information systems without also naming all of our different program names. With the computing community now using the comprehensive name to include all associated programs, it is now appropriate to use the single name ‘computing’ for our School.  

Say 'hello' to the School of Computing at Grand Valley State University.

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