Information for Supervisors

Supervisors: Please remember to approve hours for your students and staff before 3 p.m. on Mondays after the pay period ends.
New Supervisors: If a new supervisor needs to be added into UltraTime to approve hours, please email [email protected] and indicate your G-number and a list of the employees that you will be supervising.

UltraTime User Guides

Late Hours Information

If your employee missed entering their hours in UltraTime for a past pay period or there is a correction that needs to be made to previously paid hours, please complete the back hours submission form. Once your request is processed, the missed hours will be added to the employee's next paycheck. 

Supervisor Handbook

Looking for more information on who is eligible to be a student employee, the hiring procedure, reporting a hire or supervisor policies? Check out the Supervisor Handbook put together by the Student Employment Office.

Page last modified June 7, 2022