OSH Student Receives Excellence-in-a-Discipline Award

March 04, 2021

OSH Student Receives Excellence-in-a-Discipline Award

The Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Management Department is proud to congratulate Zach Mikulec, recipient of the OSH Excellence-in-a-Discipline Award. Zach was picked by the faculty as the most outstanding undergraduate in the department!

The Occupational Safety & Health Program at Grand Valley State University is focused on preparing students for impactful careers managing health and safety policy and practice in the workplace. The OSH program is perfect for individuals who are interested in protecting their colleagues and the community by ensuring safe practices and compliance with local and federal regulations. The program is committed to ensuring that students are prepared for their futures by providing real-world experiences and opportunities to build their professional networks through student organizations and participation in conferences. As a student, Zach is the Vice President of the student chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).


Visit the Occupational Safety and Health website for more information on the program.

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