Occupational Safety & Health Alum Corinne Farleigh Featured by Association for Women in Science

January 24, 2022

Occupational Safety & Health Alum Corinne Farleigh Featured by Association for Women in Science

GVSU Occupational Safety & Health Alum Corinne Farleigh was recently featured in an interview with the Association for Women in Science. Corinne graduated from Grand Valley in 2016, and has been a member of the Association for Women in Science since 2016. Corinne currently works for Tesla as a Senior Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Specialist. The original answers to her interview can be found here, as originally published by the Association for Women in Science. 

Below are the highlights of the full interview that will be released in February.


Describe your work as a STEM professional.

My main work is a mix of environmental protection, sustainability, behavioral safety, mechanical and electrical engineering, occupational health, and industrial hygiene. We wear many hats in the EHSS field with the main goal of keeping our environment protected and our people safe.


What do you consider to be your most important career achievement?

Probably getting put in a leadership position at such a young age. I believe part of it was circumstantial and part of it was my hard work, but it really pushed me out of the nest early and helped me develop skills needed to be a successful people leader and professional.


What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned the hard way?

You must truly believe in yourself and your work to be able to be a successful leader. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone to follow your lead.


What do you aspire to accomplish in your career and why?

I want to find a niche that fulfills my heart, not just my pocketbook or letters after my name. I want to make an impact on the world, even if small, that will outlast my lifetime.


Describe an amazing opportunity in your STEM career.

Getting to be a female leader in a facility that is 95% male has been an amazing experience that has helped me grow personally and professionally.


How was AWIS helped you?

Being a female leader in a male-dominated field can feel really lonely sometimes. This organization is a reminder that there are many other beautiful, strong women in the field fighting the good fight everyday, kicking butt and doing math!


What are you currently reading or listening to?

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig


About Corinne Farleigh: I am an Environment, Health and Safety professional making my career around understanding the priorities and needs of workers as well as the business, and using that to ensure the connection between the two is as safe, compliant and efficient as possible for both parties. I am dedicated to understanding the human brain and its decision making process for personal safety, and how industrial processes can be made more efficient with less environmental impact. I love the work I do!

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