Faculty & Student Contacts

Please feel free to contact any of our ASSE and Occupational Safety and Health faculty with any questions or concerns you may have!

Dave Huizen, CIH 
OSH Program Director & OSH Faculty 
Office Address: L.V. Eberhard Center, 618F 
Phone: (616) 331-5596
Fax: (616) 331-6239
Email: huizend@gvsu.edu

Mingyu Wu, CSE 
OSH Faculty 
Office Address: L.V. Eberhard Center, 618G 
Phone: (616) 331-5595
Fax: (616) 331-6239
Email: wum@gvsu.edu

Derek McCormick 
Affiliate Faculty & Internship Coordinator

Office Address: L.V. Eberhard Center, 618H 
Phone: (616) 331-6249
Fax: (616) 331-6239
Email: mccorder@gvsu.edu

Officers of Student Chapter of ASSE

President: Luciano Rodriguez, rodrluci@mail.gvsu.edu

Vice President: Corinne Farleigh, farleigc@mail.gvsu.edu

Secretary: Colin Schoen, schoenc@mail.gvsu.edu

Treasurer: Dan Cowden, cowdend@mail.gvsu.edu

Page last modified May 18, 2016