Double Reed Days

  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2018 
    • David MGill, Bassoon Professor at the Northwestern Bienen School of Music 
    • Dusan Foltyn, Oboe Professor at the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2014
    • Erin Hannigan, Principal Oboe of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
    • David McGill, Principal Bassoon of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2012
    • Jeffrey Rathbun, Principal Oboe of the Cleveland Orchestra 
    • Kathleen Gomez, English horn of the Grand Rapids Symphony
    • Ellen Shermann, Principal Oboe of the Grand Rapids Symphony
    • Barrick Stees, Assistant Principal Oboe of the Cleveland Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2011
    • Alan Vogel, Principal Oboe of Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra 
    • Kathleen Gomez, English horn of the Grand Rapids Symphony
    • Roger Soren, Assistant Principal Bassoon and Contrabassoon of the Louisville Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2010
    • Daniel Stolper, Interlochen Arts Academy Oboe Instructor
    • Ellen Sherman, Principal Oboe of Grand Rapids Symphony
    • Vaclav Vonasek, Bassoonist of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2009
    • Scott Hostetler, Second Oboe and English Horn of Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    • Christopher Millard, Principal Bassoon of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
    • Kenneth Potsic, acclaimed bassoon repairman
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2008
    • Martin Schuring, Associate Professor of Oboe at Arizona State University 
    • David McGill, Principal Bassoon of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    • Robert Barris, Professor of Bassoon at Northwestern University
    • Holden McAleer, founding member of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2007
    • John Dee, Professor of Oboe at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
    • David McGill, Principal Bassoon of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • GVSU Double Reed Day 2006, Interlochen Arts Academy Oboe Instructor
    • Gwendolynn Rose, Associate Professor of Bassoon at Western Michigan University
    • Daniel Stolper
  • Featured Exhibitors of Instruments: Carlos Coelho Woodwinds, Miller Marketing, Miranda Music

Oboe Days, Reed Making Workshops, Guest Artist Master Classes

Oboe Days are designed for high school and middle school oboists, who would like to improve their technique, musicianship, and play oboe band music with fellow oboists from around Michigan.

  • Oboe Day 2019 (April 4)
  • Oboe Day 2018 (April 13)
  • Oboe Day 2017 (March 3)
  • Oboe Day 2016 (March 5) 
  • Oboe Day 2005 (December 8)

Reed Making Workshops 

  • Friday, November 15, 2019 
  • Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Friday, September 22, 2017

Hears what others had to say!

  • "Thanks to you & your department for a wonderful program. Oboe Day was very inspiring. She (my daughter) learned a lot about her instrument and enjoyed playing with the group. The final presentation was lovely."
  • “Many great things seen and heard.”
  • “I’ve wanted to learn how to make reeds for a long time and now I feel like I have a good head start (and a lot of things to learn).”
  • “[It] Was nice to have instruments looked over by a professional.’
  • “Well planned and organized! … I enjoyed listening to all talented people and all the advice and guidance they gave.”
  • "I really liked learning about mouth structure and about the oboe reed."
  • "The music was great and that there was different level of players."
  • "I learned new techniques!"
  • "Great experience, excellent guest teacher."
  • "I loved Ms. Vavrikova!"
  • "Amazing! I learned so much! Should be longer!"
  • "Fun, I never been in an ensemble like this before."
  • "This was such a great time. I have not had the opportunity to play in a chamber group before today, and it is an experience I will not forget!"
  • "The master class was the most enjoyable because I learned how to be a better oboe player."
  • (Product vendors) "Very helpful answering questions about student oboe." "I bought several great products. Love the vendors!"
  • "Just amazing. Got a lot out of it."
  • "It was great to listen to the advice of symphony players. They hold so much wisdom."
  • "Great ideas on communication skills between players."
  • "I loved watching the “jam session” at the end. Very low key and fun!"
  • "Liked effective practice techniques."
  • "All fantastic, especially “Morning Performance” and “3 p.m. Ensemble” (as an observer). Last ensemble reading was great!"
  • "The DRD ensemble reading and HS chamber were very enjoyable. Everything was great!"
  • "I had an amazing time." 
  • "Good variety of products."
  • "Love Carlos!"
  • "I loved being able to play with members of the GVSU studio!"
  • "I learned how to build up your practice time. They gave many helpful tips. Really informative!"

Group photo of 13 Oboe Day 2019 participants

Guest Artist Master Classes

  • Angela Lickiss Aleo 
  • Stephen Caplan 
  • Francs Colon 
  • Sara Fraker 
  • Julia Gjebic
  • Tim Gocklin 
  • Merideth Hite Estevez 
  • Nermis Mieses  
  • John Dee 
  • Andrea Fedele
  • Michele Fiala
  • Celeste Johnson Frehner  
  • Nancy Ambrose King 
  • Jackie Leclair 
  • PEN Trio 
  • Andrea Ridilla 
  • Alison Robuck
  • Robert Sorton
  • Aryn Day Sweeney
  • Kelly Vaneman 

Julia Gjebic Oboe Master Class (February 19, 2021)

A Zoom photo of the Julia Gjebic oboe master class. In the photo: Marlen Vavrikova, Natalie Kline, Sidney Zuccaro, Julia Gjebic, Lauren Schnicke, and Daniel Moening.