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Our degree programs, badges, and certificates were created to provide career-focused adults like you with the specific skills employers ask for in job descriptions. You can even finish your bachelor's degree and simultaneously earn a certificate in one of Michigan's most in-demand skills — global communications, project management, data analytics, or leadership — all in as few as 19 months. For many programs, all instruction and coursework are online. Hybrid programs include valuable experiential learning during a limited number of in-person visits at a GVSU campus.

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Program Description Location Program length* Credits Category Information
Graduate Badge in Cybersecurity Prepares students in analyzing risk, discussing legal and ethical issues, securing a network against attack, hardening operating systems, cyber forensics, and describing software vulnerabilities. Online 12 months 9 Technology Request Information
Graduate Badge in Web and Mobile Computing (Available Winter 2021) Prepares students in designing mobile applications, developing web-based applications, designing distributed systems, EER modeling, schema design and normalization, SQL/DDL, SQL/DML, stored procedures, database triggers, and TCP/IP protocol stacks. Online 12 months 9 Technology Request Information
Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Analytics Focuses on understanding how to interpret, use, and apply data and statistics in the workplace. Students learn foundational computing and statistical skills like visualization, predictive analytics tools, and computer coding in Python and R. Online 12 months 18 Technology Request Information

*The program length displayed above is based on taking one class per session with the exception of the Integrative Studies, R.N. to B.S.N., and M.S.N. degrees. Session lengths vary. These program lengths are subject to course availability.

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