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Our degree programs, badges, and certificates were created to provide career-focused adults like you with the specific skills employers ask for in job descriptions. You can even finish your bachelor's degree and simultaneously earn a certificate in one of Michigan's most in-demand skills — global communications, project management, data analytics, or leadership — all in as few as 19 months. For many programs, all instruction and coursework are online. Hybrid programs include valuable experiential learning during a limited number of in-person visits at a GVSU campus.

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Program Description Location Program length* Credits Category
Graduate Badge in Cybersecurity Prepares students in analyzing risk, discussing legal and ethical issues, securing a network against attack, hardening operating systems, cyber forensics, and describing software vulnerabilities. Online 12 months 9 Technology
Graduate Badge in Web and Mobile Computing (Available Winter 2021) Prepares students in designing mobile applications, developing web-based applications, designing distributed systems, EER modeling, schema design and normalization, SQL/DDL, SQL/DML, stored procedures, database triggers, and TCP/IP protocol stacks. Online 12 months 9 Technology
Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Students will develop in-depth knowledge and applied competence in the delivery of behavior analysis to improve the quality of life of individuals in schools, community, and work settings. Allows students to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Online 28 months 21 Health
Graduate Certificate in Online/Blended Instruction and Assessment Provides K-12 teachers with knowledge and skills necessary to successfully design, develop, teach, and assess learning in online/blended environments. Online 12 months 12 Education
Graduate Certificate in Palliative and Hospice Care Prepares individuals interested in palliative and hospice care with a deep understanding of the personal, professional, economic, and legal perspectives of delivering care to patients facing life-limiting disease, terminal illness, and death. Hybrid: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, Traverse City 16 months 12 Health
Intercultural Training Competence (ITC) Badge Helps individuals become more comfortable communicating effectively with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Online 6 months 9 Professional
LEADS Integrative Studies Adult Degree Completion Students hone the writing, communication, and critical-thinking skills valued by employers from multiple professions. The degree is customizable with a combination of electives from their disciplines of choice. Hybrid: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, Traverse City 19 months* 120 Professional
Master's in Educational Leadership Emphasizes theory, research, and practice in such areas as effective leadership, curriculum organization and improvement, personnel administration, finance, law, assessment, and other related topics. Online 33 months 33 Education
Master's in Educational Technology Prepares educators, trainers, coaches, and leaders to integrate technology into instructional settings. Online 33 months 33 Education
Master's of Education in Instruction and Curriculum: Early Childhood Prepares teachers, supervisors, and directors in preschools, child development centers, Head Start programs, and kindergarten classrooms, as well as researchers and program specialists in the field for general and high-risk students. Online 33 months 33 Education
Master's of Education in Instruction and Curriculum: Educational Differentiation Prepares teachers and specialists to meet the education needs of students with exceptional abilities within the mixed-ability classroom. Focuses on assessment, methodology, materials, curriculum, and administration. Online 33 months 33 Education
Master's of Education in Literacy Studies Reading/Language Arts Offers teachers the opportunity to enhance student literacy learning through effective literacy practices as classroom teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, and curriculum administrators. Online 33 months 33 Education
Master's of Education in School Counseling Prepares students with the skills needed to develop and manage a comprehensive school counselor program. Online 36 months 36 Education
Master's of Science in Nursing A hybrid program meeting face-to-face up to three times each semester in Grand Rapids (or in locations negotiated with practice partners) with required experiential learning opportunities; remaining coursework is completed online. Hybrid: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Holland, Traverse City 20 months* 37 Health
R.N. to B.S.N. For individuals currently working on or having completed academic preparation as an associate degree prepared nurse. Classes include content on research, safety and quality, professional identity,  leadership, community and population health nursing. Online 16 months (minimum) 30+ (based on previously completed coursework) Health
Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Analytics Focuses on understanding how to interpret, use, and apply data and statistics in the workplace. Students learn foundational computing and statistical skills like visualization, predictive analytics tools, and computer coding in Python and R. Online 12 months 18 Technology
Undergraduate Certificate in Global Communications Prepares you with skills in effective communication within and across diverse international organizations by focusing on intercultural learning and competence in the global workplace. Online 12 months 14 Professional
Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Focuses on social change and business communication, and includes exploration into organizational theory, team building, design thinking, and grant writing. Students will be developing skills employers are looking for such as team building and ethics. Online 12 months 12 Professional
Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management Integrates industry-proven project management practices with Agile principles. Students work in small teams to initiate, plan, execute, control, and bring closure to real-world project(s) using MS Project and other enterprise management software. Online 12 months 12 Professional

*The program length displayed above is based on taking one class per session with the exception of the Integrative Studies, R.N. to B.S.N., and M.S.N. degrees. Session lengths vary. These program lengths are subject to course availability.

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