GVSU Scholarship Opportunities – The application process begins on November 1st each year. All applications are due on March 1st unless noted otherwise in the scholarship system.

  • Anonymous Geology/Earth Science Scholarship 
  • BDO Scholarship 
  • Berthold Price Memorial Scholarship 
  • Brooks First Generation Diversity Endowed Scholarship 
  • Crowe LLP Strive for Progress Scholarship 
  • Dr. James D. Hoffman Scholarship
  • Fred and Bernadine Keller Engineering Diversity Scholarship 
  • FTLC Minority Teacher Scholarship (There are two posting for this scholarship – one for fall and one for winter) 
  • Initech Global Diversity in Technology Scholarship
  • Jeff ("Dr. J") Chamberlain Meijer Honors College Alumni Scholarship 
  • Joe and Claudia Pohlen GRCC Transfer Student Scholarship 
  • King - Chávez - Parks (KCP) Future Faculty Fellowship 
  • Linda Kirpes '02 Scholarship for Underrepresented Students in Social Work 
  • Maria I. Perez Nursing Scholarship 
  • Mercantile Bank Business Scholarship 
  • Mnomen Native American Scholarship
  • Morse-Cuppy Film, Video, Animation Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship 
  • Physical Therapy Diversity Scholarship
  • Positive Black Women Scholarship 
  • Rev. Terry W. '70 and Sandra L. (Mackus) '68 Allen First Generation Diversity Scholarship 
  • Richard A. Winn Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association Scholarship 
  • Social Work Minority Scholarship 
  • Solina and Steven Kramer Memorial Scholarship 
  • Spectrum Health Diversity Scholarship 
  • Steelcase Inc. Seidman College of Business Diversity Scholarship 
  • Wendy Ljungren Engineering Endowed Scholarship

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