Faculty and Staff

Official name changes must be completed with the social security administration before our records can be updated. To start the process, request a name change with the social security administration at Social Security Administration. To complete the legal name change procedures at GVSU, you must visit the payroll team in Human Resources to present your Social Security Card in your legal name. If you have questions, please contact the payroll team at (616) 331-2237.

Systems that are automatically updated

Your name will be automatically updated in the following systems that apply to you:

  • Alumni Relations
  • Banner
  • Blackboard
  • Delta Dental
  • Development Office
  • PageUp Performance Evaluation system
  • Faculty/Staff Administrative Directory in GVSU Student catalog
  • Faculty/Staff Directory
  • Faculty/Staff ID Card system (you need to request a new card - see below)
  • Fidelity Investments
  • GVSU Mailroom
  • Library
  • Pew Campus Access Cards system
  • Priority Health (for GVSU High Deductible Health Plan and GVSU Standard PPO)
  • iSolved Benefit Services (for Flexible Spending Accounts)
  • TIAA
  • UltraTime

Systems to review

Your name is unable to be changed in all systems automatically. Please consider the following and change your name as indicated in these other systems should you wish to do so:

  • Digital Measures: Faculty contact is [email protected].
  • Email Account Display Name: Login to the GVSU Central Login Service website, click “Request Display Name Change for Email,” then choose “Request Legal Name” or “Request myName” as appropriate. If you have questions about this process, email *Computer Account Authorizations at [email protected].
  • Email Address & Network ID: Email *Computer Account Authorizations at [email protected] to request a change to your GVSU email address and network ID (username).
  • Visions (Argos, FormsFusion, Intellicheck) User ID: Contact IT Services at x12101, [email protected], or visit the IT website.
  • Fieldhouse locker rental: Contact the Recreation Center at (616) 331-3313 or someone from the Athletic and Recreation Facilities team.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) with Health Equity: Contact Health Equity at (866) 346-5800.
  • Beneficiary Designation for Death Benefit Form: Complete or update the Beneficiary Designation for Death Benefit form via Anytime Events (hourly staff only).
  • Faculty/Staff ID Card: Request a faculty/staff ID card in your new name from the Student Assistance Center (150 Student Services, Allendale Campus; Student Assistance Center windows in DeVos Building C, Pew Campus).
  • Keys - GVSU Issued: If you have GVSU issued keys, please contact Facilities Services/Hardware Key Records (CUB 202) at (616) 331-3861.
  • Long Term Care Insurance - Contact Genworth Financial at (877) 724-6699.
  • OnBase User ID: Contact IT Services at (616) 331-2101, [email protected], or visit the IT website.
  • People Finder: Ask your departmental office coordinator to update your name.
  • SAS-PC: Contact IT Services at (616) 331-2101, [email protected], or visit the IT website.

Other systems to consider

Other systems to consider when undergoing a name change:

  • myName at GVSU: If you legally change your name, a legal name change does not automatically update an existing myName. Please follow the myName process to update myName in this case or contact Human Resources for assistance.
  • Address/Phone Number: Update your address/phone number.
  • Department: Check with your departmental office coordinator about any internal office databases/software that is not automatically updated by Banner.
  • Emergency Contact: Update your Emergency Contact information with your HR Business Partner or by contacting the main Human Resources office at (616) 331-2215.
  • FSA Direct Deposit: Change your iSolved Benefit Services Flexible Spending Account (FSA) direct deposit if you have changed an account(s) in conjunction with your name change.
  • Life Insurance: Update your Life Insurance beneficiaries via Anytime Events or change the amount of your supplemental life insurance via the form.
  • Life Event: If you have changed your name because of a life event, please visit the Life Event Changes pages on the Human Resources site for valuable information. You may be able to make a mid-year benefit change that corresponds with the qualified event.
  • Miscellaneous: Change your name with your credit card company(s), banks (i.e., checking/savings accounts), passport agency (passports), your personal and professional email contacts.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit: Change your payroll direct deposit if you have changed an account(s) in conjunction with your name change.

Page last modified August 9, 2023