Know What You Owe

Federal Student Loan Service Providers

When it's time to repay your student loans, who will you pay?



Great Lakes


Grand Valley State University Perkins Loan


This is a federal site that tells you how much you have borrowed and owe. FIND OUT TODAY!

National Student Loan Data System


No Financial Aid

Those who will graduate with no debt and can start to invest and build wealth quicker.


An individual is not eligible for Financial Aid. Student must have a 2.0 and/or complete 2/3 of attempted credits to be eligible for Financial Aid.


Balanced Financial Aid

Those who only borrow what they need to cover the bill.

Financial Aid offers more aid than you will be charged because there are lots of miscellaneous expenses.

Reduce your spending and graduate with less debt.


Average amount a GVSU grad has borrowed.

Excess Financial Aid

95% of the time your refund is 100% loan money.

So your refund is NOT free Money.


Maximum amount the Federal Government will award a dependent student

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