Authorized Adults

Minors on Campus Policy

An Authorized Adult is an individual, age 18 and older, paid or unpaid, who supervises, chaperones, or otherwise works with Minors in Program activities, or recreational, and/or residential facilities.  This includes but is not limited to faculty, employees, student employees, staff, volunteers, graduate and undergraduate students, interns, teachers, employees provided by temporary agencies, third-party hosts, and independent contractors/consultants. 

The role of Authorized Adult may include positions such as counselors, chaperones, coaches, instructors, and other similarly situated persons.  Temporary guest speakers, presenters and other individuals who have no direct contact or only incidental contact with Program Participants, other than as short-term activities supervised by Program staff, are not considered Authorized Adults but are still expected to conform to the conduct requirements in Section II of the Minors on Campus policy.

The Minors on Campus policy is available in full on the Grand Valley State University Policies website.

Forms and Training

All Authorized Adults must complete the following forms and training materials.

Authorized Adult leads a camp activity

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