Hybrid Course Expectations

 You will be expected to learn independently.

You should be able to manage your time and meet deadlines without constant reminders.  You will be expected to work through learning modules on course topics, which may require you to log in to Blackboard several times during a week.  Read more about developing your skills for self-directed learning.

You will be expected to contribute to the classroom atmosphere.

You will be expected to work in groups during the in-class portion of the course.  You will also be required to contribute to the course dialogue in on-line discussion board forums by asking questions on the material and answering the questions of other students.  You may be expected to participate in synchronous classroom lectures while online through the Wimba classroom application.

You will be expected to communicate mathematics.

You will do this through the use of Equation Editor and graphing software.  You will be expected to express ideas and concepts through the written word. 

You are expected to be technologically prepared for the online portion of the course.

A few of the tasks you may be asked to perform are listed here:

                Download a software package

                Send and receive files through e-mail

                Post comments and questions to a discussion board

                Copy and paste text and images from one file to another

                Work with the Blackboard course management system

                Communicate real-time through instant messaging software

Learn more about the University's expectations.

Page last modified October 1, 2018