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Math 123 is the first online course I have taken. I did not know what to expect out of the course at the beginning of the semester, but now I am glad that I did take it. The online course was a good fit for me because I am a self-starter and I like to do things at my own pace. I was able to do the online lessons and online homework as soon as it was available which saved me time and is better for students similar to me, students who like to get things done as soon as they can. I also enjoyed the convenience of the online lessons because I was able to do things at my own pace. if there was a topic that I understood well I could finish the lesson faster, whereas If I was unclear on a topic then I could go through the lessons slowly and make sure I understood all the material. However, be aware that with the online lessons and homework it is easy to procrastinate and wait till the last minute to do your work. So make sure you get into a routine of starting assignments at an adequate time before they are due. One disadvantage to the online course is that if you have questions during the week, after your class meets in person, you must either go to your professor's office hours or seek out help in another way. Knowing this you must plan accordingly when you have a question. Instead of bringing the question to class you might have to seek out help yourself. I did find that the math center is a great resource to take advantage of if you need help with homework and they are open almost all day during the week. Overall I think that the online course is a great tool for students who like to work at their own pace and like working independently, even if this doesn't sound like you there are many resources around campus that you can utilize along with the online materials to make the coursework for you.

Here are some MTH 123 testimonials:

  • If you have the motivation to stay on track with assignments and learn things on your own, then TAKE THIS CLASS. I took Math 123 as a sophomore. I had experience with two previous online classes, but not in the math department. This online course was well organized and easy to navigate. Also, the professors work exceptionally well with you.  There was no reason for hesitation if I had any questions. Don't be frightened that because it is an online course that you can't ask questions and be in contact with the professor. Take advantage of the opportunity of a different experience, and a different style of course guidelines.  In taking an online course you have to flexibility and option of when you do your work, of course getting work in by its due date, but doing it when it works best for you.  To be honest, sometimes it's nice to not have to class, stay in your pajamas and do your homework. I highly recommend this class, as for I enjoyed it myself.


  • This is the first time that I have taken an online class at Grand Valley and it may seem great that you don't have to meet all the time but beware. This class only met once every week and twice a week after we had taken an exam to cover new information. I thought this class would be good for my schedule because I work 20 hours a week and am pretty busy and thought that this would be a good way to have the same amount of work but not be in the classroom as much. What I did not expect however was the amount of time that you need to put into outside of the classroom. It took  me a while to adjust only meeting once a week and covering material on my own. Here are some tips for you to success in this class. If you want to do well in this class take the "original" time slot to use to study the material. When you meet once a week you cover a lot of material in a short amount of time and if you do not take the time to learn it you will be confused on homework. We move really quickly too so make sure you ask questions the week before! Another thing about this class that you need to know is that you need to be organized. Not in the I have my papers all in a folder organized, but you need to be consistently checking Blackboard and WebAssign for homework assignment and discussion assignments. Since this was the first time Trig was offered online there was not a syllabus with due dates. Since this is an online class you are responsible for getting your work done on time and responsible for any due dates that you miss. Make sure you plan ahead of time to do your homework and not wait until the last minute. There were a few times (Easter, Spring Break etc. ) where homework was due on a Saturday night and I was rushing to do homework to make sure it was in at midnight instead of actually learning and knowing the information. This really hurts you when its exam time. Some really good things about this class is that it is a small group of students, which means you a lot of feedback for your work. I found it helpful that the teachers e-mailed me personally telling me that I did good on something, or told me that I needed to work on something more. Both of the instructors were willing to meet outside of the classroom as well as online. They also check your online work which is very helpful. They go through each of your quizzes and award you points based on your work, not necessarily on the answer. I think this is a great class to take if you are independent and are really well with time management. However, if you think that it will be easier because you only meet once a week, you should think about taking the normal course.  A really neat thing about this class is that we meet online sometimes and you can be anywhere for it. It was really nice to be taught a lesson while I'm relaxing in my bed instead of a classroom. I would recommend this class to others if you are okay with working on your own and are a self motivator. Both teachers are great and very patient and good at explaining things also to make sure that you understand the material.      Good Luck!!

MTH 122~


A student considering a hybrid class must also realize that the work required outside of class is going to be more than a traditional class.  As a result, the student must be very disciplined in time management in order to complete the required coursework.  Balancing a hybrid class with traditional classes can be tricky, but if you set aside at least the one and a half hour a week to go over the learning modules lectures, it's the same as being in the classroom for a standard lecture.  Also, you have to be able to self-direct your coursework and meet deadlines for quizzes, assignments, etc.  To be successful in math requires practice, and there are plenty of opportunities given for practice in the form of quizzes, group work and web work.  You are also given practice problems in the textbook that are optional, and I would highly recommend that this is also done.  I found that if I glanced over the chapter, watched the lecture modules and then did the homework in the textbooks, I had a good understanding and could then complete the graded activities online with less difficulty.


MTH 122 ~

To all students taking a math hybrid course:

It is essential that you be self-motivated to be able to complete the extensive work assigned between your weekly classes. My best advice to anyone considering taking this, or other courses, online is to find a classmate taking the same course and to meet with them regularly so that you have some accountability to someone between classes. It also helps to have someone to call on in you get stuck studying or completing homework. Also, attending all review sessions and professors' office hours will only help you. Over-confidence would probably be the biggest pitfall in a class like this. Use your resources to be sure that you understand all concepts before the exam.  To succeed in this class, you must be able to assess your own work and knowledge and know when to ask for help and where to go if you need it. The must difficult aspect of taking a hybrid class was teaching myself concepts that I had little to no prior knowledge of. This is when knowing and utilizing your resources is the most helpful.



MTH 110~

When I signed up for MTH 110 algebra class, I was looking for a class that would cut down on my travel time to GVSU.  I was also looking for a class that I could work on at home while raising my children.  The MTH 110 hybrid course is a great fit for both of these situations.  It was time consuming watching the videos and also doing WebWork (online homework).  You need to be self- disciplined to do both on your own.  I do feel you put in more time in a hybrid class then the regular classroom.  You are saving driving time as well as you can do required work where your schedule allows.  The instructors that I had were excellent at replying to emails quickly so you could continue to do your work.  I have been very happy with this class.

A MTH 110 Hybrid student


MTH 110 ~

Being a commuter, the hybrid course worked very well to help me manage my work and school schedules. With having one class period a week and the rest online, I could work at my own pace. I was able to accomplish all of the necessary online assignments as well as clarify and further practice while in the on-campus classroom. I would highly recommend this hybrid course to a long distance commuter. As long as you remain organized and self motivated the hybrid course will be a great choice.

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