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Online and Hybrid Course Support for Faculty

Liaison Librarians

Every department has a liaison librarian available to support all instruction, whether in-class or online. Contact your librarian as early in the semester as possible to talk about the ways they can work with you and your students.

Library Resources and Services

The library holds thousands of electronic journal articles, books, videos, and more. We can ship books to off-campus faculty and students, and we can digitize materials so that you can add them to your eReserves in Blackboard.

Multi-format Media

Librarians can help you access a variety of online-friendly resources for your classes. We also can create custom assignments, tutorial videos, quizzes, and Blackboard resources that support information literacy in your courses.

  • Databases by format
  • Tutorials
  • Embedding library content into Blackboard
  • Interactive games, tutorials, and quizzes

Copyright and Fair Use

University Libraries provides extensive resources to help you make sound decisions about copyright and educational fair use practices.