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Course Reserve Help

Course Reserve

Course Reserve allows instructors to create a reading list of online resources in Blackboard and set aside books and DVDs for a shorter circulation period than the rest of the collection.

For Students

Beginning in Fall semester 2019, electronic course reserves (articles, streaming videos, etc.) are moving into Blackboard for your course. Check your syllabus or with your instructor for where the reserves list is located.

Hard copy reserves, such as books and DVDs, are held at library locations. You can search the library catalog for items that are on reserve for your course.

For Faculty

Electronic Reserves

You can add electronic reserve items to your Blackboard course as links or PDFs. Linking to resources ensures that you stay in copyright compliance and also allows the library to collect accurate usage statistics for our databases. Adding PDFs will not allow the library to see any usage from your reserves. (Resources with little to no use may be canceled.)

To make sure that students can access your linked resources from both on and off campus, use our Link Fixer to create links that will route them through GVSU's authentication system.

Create Course Reserve Links for Blackboard


Hard Copy Reserves

The University Libraries can hold physical items, such as books and DVDs, on reserve at our locations for your students to review. Items on reserve have short check-out times, so that everyone in your class has a chance to use them. To add hard copy items to your Course Reserve, use the Request Items for Course Reserve form and include complete citations. The libraries will process the items and let you know when they are ready for use!

Copyright and Fair Use

The University Libraries will not place material on reserve if it is judged that the purpose, nature, and the effect of the request is beyond the reasonable limit of fair use. Instructors are asked to accept full responsibility in complying with the provisions of the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 that governs 'fair use' of copyrighted objects for educational purposes when placing items on reserve.

Need help determining if something is covered by copyright? Use the Copyright Genie.

Need help determining if your item falls within "fair use?" Use the University Libraries' Fair Use Checklist.

Course Reserve Assistance

The University Libraries can help you set up your reserves by putting hard copy items on reserve, and can also assist with processing electronic reserves. Adding links from the library databases to your Blackboard course is the easiest and quickest way to set up electronic reserves, but the University Libraries can add links for you to a dedicated eReserve folder in your course. Students can then access the reserves in the eReserve folder, or you can copy the items into your Blackboard pages.

To have the University Libraries put hard copy items on reserve or help you add items to your Blackboard course, please fill out the Request Items for Course Reserve form. You will need complete citations (title, author, publisher or journal title, date, volume and issue numbers, page numbers, etc.) of all the items you wish to add to Course Reserve.


It takes our staff a few days to process Course Reserve requests.

Can't wait? You can add any reserve items to your Blackboard just like any other web link!

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