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The University Libraries is moving Course Reserve into Blackboard beginning in Fall semester, 2019. More details will be coming soon! If you have questions, feel free to email

Course Reserve makes specific readings available to students in either hard copy or electronic format. By using Course Reserve, students will not have to pay for course packs and can access the readings for free online. Faculty will not have to handle copyright compliance and fees.

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What else should I know?


  • Although many reserve items are available online, some are only available as short-term loans. The maximum late fee for course reserve materials is $5.00.


  • You can link to items placed on Course Reserve in your Blackboard site. Contact Course Reserve at 616-331-3500 or for help in adding items.
  • The library will pay the first $30.00 of copyright fees when incurred after first time, fair use. The library staff handles all copyright compliance issues.
  • You may find the Copyright Genie useful in understanding copyright time frames.

Course Reserve Contact
(616) 331-3500

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