Mission & Objectives


Grand Valley State University (GVSU) is committed to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff and students.  The GVSU Latino/a Faculty & Staff Association will advance the university’s commitment to diversity by being a vehicle to build community and to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement of a diverse faculty, staff and student body.

The Latino/a Faculty & Staff Association will address Latino/a interests at GVSU, including educational concerns and advancement of the Latino/a community.  Its priorities include assisting in the recruitment, retention and advancement of Latino/a faculty, staff and students.  The Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association will also create a sense of community and a support network that nurtures Latinos/as as visible and viable contingency within the Grand Valley State University community. 


Build and Create a Sense of Community

  • Develop a community and support network that nurtures Latina/o Faculty and Staff as a visible and viable part of the GVSU environment and leadership
  • Provide professional and personal support to GVSU Latino/a Faculty and Staff
  • Give a voice to the concerns of the Latino/a Faculty and Staff on campus. 
  • Help to maintain a positive work environment for Latino/a Faculty and Staff
  • Create and authoritative website
    • To inform, promote Latino/a faculty and staff involvement in any activities, projects initiatives and efforts at the campus, regional, national and international levels. 
    • As repository of Latino/a resources.  

Promote, Advocate and Support the Recruitment, Retention and Advancement of GVSU Latino Faculty and Staff

  • Support the growth and professional development of Latino/a Faculty
  • Work with GVSU administration on issues relating to the Latino/a Faculty  and Staff Recruitment, Retention and Advancement
  • Assist GVSU in the area of recruiting, engaging and retaining Latino/a employees
  • Promote and celebrate GVSU Latina/o Faculty and Staff educational contributions and achievements
  • Provide mentoring to Latino/a faculty and staff.

Promote, Advocate and Support the Recruitment, Retention And Graduation Of Latino/a Students

  • Support the university’s initiative to increase the recruitment and retention of Latino/a Students. 
  • Support the university’s existing programs, services and organizations that work directly with prospective and current Latino/a students.
  • Work with university programs, services and organizations to increase Latino/a student participation.  

Network and Collaborate

  • Network and collaborate with other local Latino/a Faculty and Staff affinity groups in Western Michigan
  • Support campus community engagement initiatives by developing and strengthening collaborative relationships between the university and the West Michigan Latino/a community
  • Provide opportunities for social and professional networking.
  • Network and collaborate with other GVSU’s affinity groups.