Latinx Graduation Celebration


The purpose of the Latinx Graduation Celebration is to provide a celebration that is representative of Latine/o/x tradition, heritage, culture, and legacy. We want to encourage students to set their sights on the completion of their chosen majors, and as a recruitment tool to motivate others to pursue advanced degrees at Grand Valley State University after seeing the success of their peers. 

Over the years, the Latinx Graduation Celebration ceremonies have become an essential expression of a rite of passage at many colleges and universities throughout the nation and it is our hope that celebration will serve as a tool to encourage academic excellence and community responsibility.

Event Information:

The 2024 Latinx Graduation Celebration will take place on Friday, April 26th at 10:00 AM in the Louis Armstrong Theatre.

To attend the graduation as a graduating student, guest, or volunteer, please register at this link. This event is open to all students, staff, faculty, and families. 

For questions about the event please visit our FAQ page or email Thalia at [email protected].

Page last modified March 25, 2024