Mission Statement

LendGR’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs who lack the necessary access to resources and support by providing them access to one-on-one technical consulting to provide clear and tangible deliverables to grow their business.



Provide students with the opportunity to gain invaluable experience away from academia, while offering clients with essential business foundations.


The ability to deal resourcefully, i.e. creatively, imaginatively, self-reliably with unusual problems, difficult situations, or unanticipated opportunities.


Keeping to one's word, promises, agreements, being truthful with employees, customers, vendors, government, etc.


The desire and ability of the company to venture into new, breakthrough areas of opportunity. (e.g. in the industry, in emerging trends in society, etc.)

Developing People

The desire and ability of the company to improve the lot of its employees and clients, including, ultimately, their personal growth.

Page last modified June 13, 2023