LAKER Impact Series


Every semester, the LAKER Academic Center offers Impact Series presentations, with the goal of helping student-athletes "succeed academically by providing them with the necessary tools and exposing them to knowledge that will help them adjust to life after college."

Each session addresses a topic designed to help students be successful and educate them on issues they may encounter. Below are a few of our upcoming LAKER Impact Series presentations.

All seminars are conducted in conjunction with the University Counseling Center. If you have any inquiries about availability for a specific time or program request, email Marius Grazulis ([email protected]) or visit the Impact Series website


Impact Series Presentations by the LAKER Academic Success Center in the Winter 2023 Semester: 

All sessions will be offered in person for the 2023-24 academic year (unless otherwise noted).  All sessions will begin at 6:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).  

Attendance will be tracked and reported to the coaching staff.


NIL Week 

Hosford Football Center 

January 29 - February 1st (Monday-Thursday) 

Have Questions? Want tips on how to start off in NIL? Or Just need info on how to utilize content? Join US!!!

NIL Nights coming up the week of January 29. All sessions will be 6-7pm in the Football Center, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

All Athletes are high encouraged to attend.

Topics Covered Each Night - What Is NIL, GVSU Logos and use, What GVSU can do and what you can do for yourself, How to disclose NIL activity

Nights assigned by class, but athletes may attend other days if they have a class or other conflict.

January 29: Seniors/Grad students 

January 30: Juniors 

January 31: Sophomores 

February 1: Freshman 


Mental Health / Gender Identity 

February 13 (Tuesday) 

MAK D1215 

Weather you participate on a male sports team, or a female sports team mental wellness is not something that should be viewed as something that makes you weak or vulnerable but rather something that makes you strong and resilient. This workshop is designed to evaluate how gender factors into the perception of mental wellness. 



Hosford Football Center 

February 27-29 (Monday-Thursday) **REQUIRED 

Find out some important information needed for registration! 

February 27: 3rd year students @ 6 pm, 4th and 5th year students @ 7 pm 

February 28: 1st year students @ 6 pm, 2nd year students @ 7 pm 

February 29: Make up session @ 6 pm 


Athlete Identity 

March 12 (Tuesday) 

MAK D1215

Student- athletes sometimes struggle in transitioning to life without their sport. This workshop will help student-athletes understand the importance of maintaining a "healthy identity of self" as they transition thru and ultimately lose their Athletic Identity. 


Upperclassman Panel 

March 25 (Monday) 

MAK D1215

Upperclassman from different sports will talk about what they wish they would have known freshman year (i.e. how to juggle school and sports, and the importance of creating a separate identity outside of their sport. 


Staying Fit 

April 9 (Tuesday) 

MAK D1215

Transitioning from eating for training and performance to simply eating to enjoy life and feel great can be quite challenging. This is particularly true if you are not planning to stay as active after graduation. This workshop will provide helpful tips/info on being more mindful of eating choices as well as the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

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