Faculty Mentorship Program

What is the Faculty Mentorship Program?

The Faculty Mentorship Program is a mentorship program facilitated by the Laker Academic Center through which GVSU student-athletes are connected and paired with a GVSU faculty member within their major course of study.

What is the purpose of the program?

The program is intended to pair faculty members with student-athletes in a mentoring relationship. These relationships will benefit the student-athlete by allowing them to make connections and network with a faculty member within their specific field of study. These relationships can positively influence many areas of the student-athlete's academic career.

How will the student-athlete be connected with the faculty mentor?

Each interested student-athlete will complete and return the Faculty Mentor Inquiry form. This form asks for recommendations of faculty members with whom the student would like to be paired. If no recommendation is made, the Laker Academic Center and the Faculty Athletic Representative will collaborate to make contact with a faculty member who is in the field that the student is pursuing.

How often do mentors and mentees meet?

Pairs will meet a minimum of 1 time per month, but they may meet more often if they wish. Student-athletes and faculty members are encouraged to schedule all meetings for the semester at the beginning of the semester to avoid other scheduling conflicts.

What do mentors and mentees do during their time together?

Pairs may decide where they would like to meet. Most likely the pairs will meet in the faculty member's office. However, meetings may occur at other locations (i.e. a coffee shop) if the pairs so choose. Student-athlete participants should use the time with their faculty mentor to ask questions and get to know more about the field they are going into. This is an excellent networking opportunity and student-athletes should get to know their faculty mentor in order to form a relationship that can last beyond the program.

Other information:

The Laker Academic Center will touch base with both student-athletes and faculty members throughout the semester to assess how the program is going. This contact will be made through email.

Contact Information

If you would like to participate in this program, contact:

[email protected]




Page last modified April 22, 2024