Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to get a tutor for a class I am struggling in?

Which Athletic Advisor works specifically with my team?

How can I become involved in the Faculty Mentorship Program?         

How do I get help scheduling my classes?

What role does my Athletic Advisor have with me?


Where do I go to get a tutor for a class I am struggling in?

Option 1: At the LAKER Academic Center we provide tutors for student-athletes in a variety of subject areas. Please stop by our office (B 152 Fieldhouse) for more information.

Option 2: If the LAKER Academic Center does not have a tutor in the subject area that you need, you may sign up for a tutor through the Tutoring Center (Locations: Allendale - Student Services Room 201 or Pew Campus -  Devos Room 101B).  Stop by B 152 Fieldhouse to obtain a tutoring request form.

Which Athletic Advisor from the LAKER Academic Center works specifically with my team?

Dr. Damon Arnold: Football, Men's & Women's Golf, Men's & Women's Tennis

Myesha Gholston: Men's & Women's Basketball and Lacrosse, Baseball 

Micaela Mayer: Track & Field, Cross Country, Soccer and Women's Golf

Trent Beamon: Track & Field and Cross Country

Laura Kastler: Volleyball and Soccer

Cristina Czyrka: Men's & Women's Swimming and Softball


How can I become involved in the Faculty Mentor Program?  

All faculty members interested in mentoring a student-athlete are encouraged to stop by B 152 in the Fieldhouse or call Scott Stabler at (616) 331-8699 or email at in order to obtain more information about the program.

How can I get  help scheduling my classes?

Freshmen & Sophomores, the advisors at the LAKER Academic Center are here to assist you with all of your scheduling needs.  However, for upperclassmen with a chosen major, please consult with your specific major advisor to obtain current information on which classes you will need to register for in order to graduate in as timely a manner as possible.

How does my Athletic Academic Advisor help me?
The Athletic Academic Advisors are assigned to specific teams to provide services and assistance to members of those teams. Your advisor works with you from the start of the academic school year into the summer and beyond. Advisors meet regularly with students to monitor course progress and also serve as support outside of the athletic department and your team. He or she is an advocate for your academic and future success. Athletic advisors assist you with scheduling around practice times while still keeping you on track to graduate. Advisors also have different roles in the office. You can seek assistance in resume and cover letter writing, graduate school applications, community service participation, and other services from advisors in the LAKER Academic Center, even if they do not work with your team.