Welcome to the LAKER Academic Success Center!

The LAKER Academic Success Center provides advising and academic support services to over 500 student athletes who are participating in the 19 NCAA and GLIAC sanctioned sports at Grand Valley State University.  While the primary focus is on academic advising, the LAKER Academic Center also connects student athletes with all of the available resources at GVSU.

LAKER Academic Success Center Principles and Framework - Development of Programs

For the past 13 years the LAKER Academic Success Center has welcomed student-athletes to Grand Valley State University. The LAKER Academic Success Center strives to empower the student athlete to:

  • Explore options and identify resources to make informed decisions in an ever-changing environment.
  • Identify personal strengths to achieve goals and fulfill potential.
  • Promote individual responsibility and encourage self-determination.
  • Participate fully in the life of both the collegiate community and the community at large.
  • Remove obstacles to exploration, leadership, self-expression, and creativity toward value clarification, philosophical development, and personal growth.
  • Achieve a balanced sense of emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being.

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