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Photo of Kim Henry

“My classes are filled with interactions among students and faculty from diverse nursing backgrounds. The environment at KCON truly enhances my learning experience,” said Kim Henry, KCON MSN student.  

KCON’s hybrid MSN degree program offers classes in a variety of formats to accommodate working professionals.  It prepares nurses as advanced generalists to serve as leaders in patient care settings of reformed health care systems and to sit for the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL®) certification exam developed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, of which KCON is a member. KCON MSN students typically complete the program in two to three years. 

“Obstetrics is really my passion.  I started in labor and delivery as a housekeeper and fell in love with the patient population.  I have come a long way,” said Henry.

Henry works as an assistant department manager of a medical intermediate care unit at a regional hospital. Her long-term goal is to help develop and implement evidence-based strategies at the point of care with positive patient outcomes, increased staff engagement, and overall improvement of healthcare delivery indicators of success.

“Kim is an exceptional student, nurse and person.  As a CNL®, she will bring a high level of clinical competence, knowledge and compassion to the point of care and serve as an invaluable resource to her team,” shared Karen Burritt, associate dean for graduate nursing programs at KCON.  

Henry is on track to graduate with her MSN degree from KCON in the summer of 2017. 

“GVSU and the KCON faculty have played such a major role in my educational journey. I’m a proud Laker Nurse for Lifetime,” shared Henry. 

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