Students who are admitted to the university as a degree-seeking undergraduate student may apply to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program for Traditional students through competitive admission or direct admission until Fall 2020. Starting in Fall 2020, all students must apply through the competitive admission process.
Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another discipline are ineligible for this program. 

Direct admission to the BSN program for Traditional students is for students coming directly from high school based on exceptional academic performance. This program will be eliminated starting in Fall 2020.

Students who are admitted to the university but do not immediately qualify for direct admission into the nursing program enroll as nursing majors and must complete a secondary application. Completion of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Direct Admit Entry

Eligibility for Direct Admit Entry

A limited number of new freshman students are eligible for direct admission to the nursing program. Admission is based on exceptional academic performance in high school.

To qualify for Direct Admit entry, high school graduates must meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Admission to GVSU as a degree-seeking undergraduate student in Fall 2018 or Fall 2019.
  • Cumulative high school grade point average of 3.6 or higher.
  • ACT composite score of 30 or higher or SAT composite score of 1400.
  • All application admission documents, including ACT or SAT score, must be submitted to the GVSU Admissions Office by December 31 of the student’s high school senior year.
  • Students must indicate nursing as their intended major on the GVSU admission application.
  • Students must schedule their New Student Orientation session by May 1 of their senior year in high school.
  • Declaration of a nursing major at New Student Orientation. Be aware that a change of major will result in loss of direct admit status.

Maintenance of Direct Admit Status

Maintenance of direct admit status requires the student to:

  • Meet with their academic advisor in the Office of Student Services during their freshman year to identify the anticipated semester of entry into the professional program.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, including transfer credits
  • Attain a minimum 3.5 grade point average in the Admission Pre-requisite courses
  • Adhere to the Kirkhof College of Nursing (KCON) course repeat policy; a student may repeat three prerequisite courses and two of those course can be BMS, CHM, or BIO. No required course may be repeated more than once.

Progression into the clinical portion of the undergraduate nursing program requires the student with direct admit status to:

  • Complete the necessary admission prerequisites and other required courses prior to beginning the initial clinical course in the undergraduate nursing program
  • Submit an application for admission to KCON at the appropriate time.
  • Prior to beginning the clinical courses, the student must complete comprehensive health compliance requirements including, but not limited to, a criminal background check, fingerprinting and drug screening. Please note: All State Boards of Nursing review the records of all graduates who have completed a nursing program to determine eligibility to write the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN). All State Boards of Nursing retain the right to deny a Bachelor of Science in nursing (B.S.N.) graduate permission to write the licensure examination if he or she has been convicted of a crime.

Competitive Admission Process

To be eligible to apply for admission into the BSN program for Traditional students, a student must have:

  • Declared Nursing as a major at GVSU
  • Earned an overall GPA of 3.0 or above (this includes non-GVSU college credits)
  • Earned a C or better in all pre-requisite courses. Honors students and students who have earned Advancement Placement credit in high school may have some courses substituted or waived.
    • BIO 120: General Biology
    • BMS 250: Anatomy and Physiology
    • CHM109: Introductory Chemistry
    • CHM 230: Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
    • PSY 101: Introductory Psychology
    • WRT 150: Strategies in Writing
    • One General Education course (courses required for a Nursing degree cannot apply)
  • Completed an application by the deadline (see additional information below)
  • Adhered to the KCON repeat policy that allows students to repeat three pre-requisite courses (only two of those courses can be BIO, BMS, or CHM). No required course may be repeated more than once.

The Kirkhof College of Nursing admits 80 students into the Fall semester and 80 students into the Winter semester. Admission to the nursing program is highly competitive, and students who only meet the minimum criteria may not be admitted.  

A student’s final admission score is determined by combining three sub scores:

  • the Admission Prerequisite GPA
  • the Interview Score
  • the Laker Score

Admission Prerequisite GPA
The average of course grades for BIO 120, BMS 250, CHM 109, CHM 230, PSY 101, WRT 150, and one general education course chosen by the student (or courses identified in the Honors program or those waived due to AP credit when applicable).

Interview Score
Students will participate in a short interview to help faculty better understand their readiness for the program. 

Laker Score
The score based on the total number of credits the students has earned from GVSU (based on a sliding scale up to 29).


Students complete the application online during the application period. A link to the application will be available on the KCON website during the application period which is January 16-31st for students wishing to enter the program in the Fall (August) semester and August 16-31st for students wishing to enter the program in the Winter (January) semester.  All applications must be completed by 5:00 pm on the final day. No late applications will be accepted. 

The admission decisions will be made by the KCON Undergraduate Affairs Committee, and candidates will be notified via email.  Student scores are for internal use and will not be released.

Admitted students are required to comply with, and provide documentation of, all Health Compliance expectation including, but not limited to: physical examination, verification of immunizations, TB testing, criminal background check and drug screen, and CPR certification. 


Students will be offered an interview based on their placement by Admission Prerequisite GPA and Laker Score.  Not all students will be interviewed.  The number of students interviewed will be 1.5 times the number of available seats.  Students are encouraged to prepare by attending one of the interview prep sessions offered by the Career Services Office.  Further information on these events are sent to candidates each semester via email. 

Page last modified May 22, 2018