2022 Highlights

eSports photo from Extron article

GVSU Laker Esports Center (photo from Extron article)

GVSU Laker Esports Center Takes the Win with Extron

GVSU Laker Esports Center Takes the Win with Extron | Extron

Kim Kenward

Kim Kenward

Director, eLearning Technologies

2022 Leadership Award Recipient

Leadership - Presented to Kim Kenward For making notable contributions that have influenced positive change at GVSU. 

Kim lead the GVSU community through a major migration from our on-premises version of BlackBoard to Cloud Native BlackBoard.  During the process, she was a driving force, a kind voice, and a reassuring ally in the migration process.  She made sure everyone had what they needed to succeed.

Justin Melick

Justin Melick

Senior Instructional Design Specialist

2022 Innovation Award Recipient

IT Innovation Award - Presented to Justin Melick For bringing innovative ideas and practices that benefit Information Technology and the University.  

Justin led the ITCA for over two years and helped foster a collaborative and forward-looking committee.  Current members continue to work on living up to his example.  Justin also represents IT in the AP Executive Committee (src: https://www.gvsu.edu/ap/ap-committees-membership-205.htm)

Justin works with faculty and staff around the University to help further eLearning and technology on campus and in the new world of extended remote learning.

Tom Holcomb

Tom Holcomb

Systems Engineer

2022 IT Service Excellence Award Recipient

IT Service Excellence Award - Presented to Tom Holcomb for going above and beyond professional responsibilities in contributing his/her expertise and service to the GVSU community.

Tom joined IT as a systems engineer and in a twist, continues to work on many projects from his previous position in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing.  He is always willing to jump in and help with faculty and staff across campus.

  • All IT Leadership is in the process of completing "Leading in a Technology Organization" by Ouellette & Associates Consulting
  • All IT Senior Leadership have completed "Leading in a Technology Organization" by Ouellette & Associates Consulting
  • All IT Staff have completed "Achieving Service Excellence" by Ouellette & Associates Consulting 

eLearning Technologies Professional Presentations


Senkowski, K. (2022 April 20).  Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted Learner [Conference Session].  Ottawa Area ISD (OAISD) and Michigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC), State Conference

Senkowski, K. (2022, April 26). Engaging Online Experiences for Gifted Learners. [Conference Session].   GV NextEd Series (NTVH).

St. Germain, V., (2022, April 29).  Empowering Assessment and Accreditation at GVSU with Blackboard and EAC. [Conference Session].  Michigan Blackboard User Group Spring Conference. (miBUG)


Kenward, K., Melick, J., Roberts, M., (2022, May 18).  Considerations and best practices for accelerated and alternative format courses. [Conference Session].   Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM). 

Cameron, C., Kenward, K., Macciomei, K., St. Germain, V. (2022, June 28).   Launching Ultra Base Navigation:  Lessons Learned and Best Practices. [Conference Session].  Michigan Blackboard User Group.  (miBUG)


St. Germain, V., and Newberry R., (2022, July 13).  A Game Changing Assessment Solution for All! Blackboard, EAC, GVSU and You! [Conference Session].  Anthology Together.


Roberts, M.  (2022, Oct 13).  When Learners Get in the Way of Learning.  [Conference Session].  Lily Teaching Conference.

Melick, J. (2022, Oct 13).  Motivate Students: Providing Time for Mastery.  [Conference Session].  Lily Teaching Conference.

Kenward, K., Roberts M.  (2022, Oct 25).  Lessons from the Pioneer Trail.  [Conference Session].  Michigan Blackboard User’s Group.


Decker, G.  (2022, Nov 4).  Being Human: What does it mean to Humanize your Online Course? [Conference Session].  Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM)

Melick, J. Roberts, M.  (2022, Nov 4). How to Benefit from and not Just Survive an LMS Migration. [Conference Session].  Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM)
Bridwell, H. Fortman, J. and Senkowski, K. (2022, Nov 4).   Rethinking Student Engagement with Emerging Technology.  [Conference Session].  Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM)

Senkowski, K. Webber, S.  (2022, Nov 4).  5 Steps for Course Design:  Foundational Items. [Conference Session].  Educational Technology Organization of Michigan (ETOM)

Eric Kunnen

Eric Kunnen

Senior Director, IT Innovation and Research

January 2022

Contributed to an article featuring GVSU's work in creating the next generation of learning spaces through active learning,

published in Higher Ed AV Magazine: "Learning Spaces Lessons Learned"


June 2022

Contributed to an article featuring the IT Division's work in creating the first ever Laker Esports Center at GVSU,

published in GVM Grand Valley Magazine: "Level Up Laker Esports Center provides access to gaming, creates student community"  

Presented on panel with Northern Michigan College, Grand Rapids Community College, and Montcalm Community College on “HyFlex Learning Spaces” at the ETOM Conference and Retreat on June 9, in Traverse City Michigan.


July 2022

On Thursday, July 28, Eric Kunnen (Senior Director) and Hunter Bridwell (Emerging Technologies Coordinator) presented in Zoom’s Higher Ed Council’s UK/Ireland/Europe and North American meetings in a session entitled “Facilitating the Innovation Journal at GVSU.”


December 2022

Eric Kunnen, Senior Director, IT Innovation and Research, authored an article in The Community College Enterprise Journal of Research and Practice entitled "Designing Classes for Active Learning: A Case Study from Grand Valley State University".


March 2023

Eric Kunnen, Senior Director, IT Innovation and Research, participated on a panel with The University of Texas System, Utah State University, and Vanguard University for an Inside Higher Ed webinar facilitated by Logitech on "IT Leadership Panel: Exploring 5 Key Trends in Higher Education". 

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