Health Information

Health Insurance Information

Health care is very expensive in the United states. That is why all GVSU international students are recommended to have health insurance to cover major medical expenses during their stay in the United States. 

As of Fall 2019, Health Insurance is not required for F-1 International students.  It is still mandatory for all J-1 international students.  

          It is recommend that if possible you purchase an insurance policy in your home country that will cover you while you are in the United States.  Many of you are from countries where you can purchase something called (in English) “a rider” which is an addition to a current insurance policy.  If it is not possible to purchase a policy in your home country- that is fine!  There are many policies available to purchase.   GVSU offers a policy to our students- details may be found on the Campus Health site. Please note that international students are NOT eligible to apply for marketplace/government subsidized health insurance plans.

Information on GVSUs Campus Health Center 


The COVID-19 vaccination is required by Grand Valley. Vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and tuberculosis are recommended. If you are bringing any prescription drugs to the United States, you must bring an English translation of the prescription with them. In case any prescriptions are needed while you are here, MetroHealth at the Campus Health Center can assist you.

Medical Attention

Grand Valley offers medical services through the MetroHealth Center. Students needing urgent medical attention should visit one of the area hospitals, which include Spectrum HealthMary Free BedMetro HealthHelen DeVos Childrens Hospital, and Butterworth Hospital. In case of an emergency in the United States, dial 911.

Page last modified December 15, 2022