International Student Testimonials

Fall 2018 Hermann and Sasun

"Me and Hermann had our last meeting in Grand Valley for the Fit the Mitt, but I hope to meet again in the future. We met 5 times in total during the semester collecting some points. However, it was so nice for both of us to participate in the Fit the Mitt, and it was my pleasure to meet Hermann as a very kind and inspiring person."

Sasun, joined in Fall 2018

F17 FTM Ruaxuan and Lihua

"I had an incredibly wonderful time with my mentor last semester and my deep gratitude to my mentor is going to last for ever. I really appreciate this program."

Ruoxuan, joined in Fall 2017

Yingying Tang

“My mentor Robyn Toth and I have been in touch since I enrolled in GVSU and registered for the Fit and Mitt program. Robyn and her family invited us (my husband and I) for family dinner. Dinner was all made from scratch and it was absolutely delicious. [Another time] we had her family over for dinner. We had some authentic Chinese food and they love it. The Fit and Mitt mentor program is really nice and helpful and I got to know my mentor Robyn and her family” 

Yingying, joined in Fall 2014

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