High Five Rewards

We think your awesomeness deserves a high-five! Share your activities with and we’ll award you points for each activity you do together!

Document your activities with a photo and send your photo, a short description, and both mentor and mentee's names to:

                   [email protected] 

Anything you get up to together counts towards High Five rewards. Scroll down for some suggestions and ideas!

*Maximum of 9 lifetime reward points redeemable per pair*

Ingrid and Kanako
Ehren and Yu
Jospeh and Mrs.Jacquot

1 point:

Kickoff – We’ll get you off to a good start! Every pair that attends earns one
Pew or the ‘Dale – Any meet-up on campus counts
Pop – Michiganders know it’s never soda! Chat over a drink and earn another point
Scenic Photo –Take photos in front of something recognizably GV, GR, or MI

2 points:

GV Pride – attend a PIC or other university event or lecture together
Close to Home – visit a local attraction or eat at a restaurant in the area

3 points:

A Michigan Left – If your adventures together have taken you on a mini road trip, you’ve earned these!
Ja-eat? – Make a meal together or share a meal at your home
Great Lakes – Beach day! Snow or shine Michiganders go to the lakeshore


3 points | two GV Keychain
6 points | two GV Mugs/Cups
9 points | two pairs of GV mittens!

Akiko and Sara
Akalu and Aki
Alissa and Raunak

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