Diversity and inclusion at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

December 09, 2019

Diversity and inclusion at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Earlier this year, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (a.k.a. Rock Hall) asked Marilyn Preston, assistant professor of integrative studies, to develop a diversity and inclusion training for their leadership and staff. Erika Brooks-Hurst, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Administrator at Texas Tech University's Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Center, joined Marilyn in designing a climate survey for the Rock Hall staff to complete. Using data from the survey, Marilyn and Erika developed a series of workshops aimed at both leadership and staff to explore cultural humility, unconscious bias, the relationship between microaggressions and trauma, and strategies to create more inclusive practices at all levels of museum programming. In October, Marilyn and Erika traveled to the Rock Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, and delivered the training in five sessions. Marilyn said the workshops were well received by the staff team, who have already requested a follow-up training focusing on sexuality, gender, race, and practical ways to support inclusion. Rock on!

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Page last modified December 9, 2019