Interfaith Organizations on the Lakeshore

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Holland Interfaith Allies

We are dedicated to engaging people from the wide array of faith and worldview backgrounds represented here in Holland. We expand our circles of inclusion:

  1.  By promoting community initiatives and events that respectfully engage all of our neighbors.
  2.  By committing ourselves to move beyond mere tolerance of each other's beliefs and worldviews toward understanding, appreciation, and mutual respect.

Together, we are becoming the peace we seek in the battered and beautiful world we share.

Our Know Your Neighbor Series brings together people from different faith and worldview backgrounds to share about their life in our community.

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Lakeshore Interfaith at the BRIDGE

(Building Relationships through Interfaith Dialogue, Gatherings, and Education)

We seek to build bridges of understanding among people of different religions and worldviews, where each person is faithful to their own values and beliefs in a diverse context while pursuing deep conversations, hope and commonality. 


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