Interfaith Reflection Rooms

Thanks to resolutions by Student Senate and the University Academic Senate an interfaith reflection room was created in the Kirkhof Center in 2015.  Because of GVSU's growing downtown presence and a resolution passed by Student Senate, a temporary reflection room for meditation and prayer has been created from 12-5 p.m. on the Pew Campus and a full time reflection room was created in CHS.  These spaces are designed for students of all faiths/non-faiths to practice their traditions authentically and safely on GVSU's campus.  

Interfaith Reflection Room

Room 2243 of the Kirkhof Center has been dedicated as a space for personal meditation, prayer, or reflection. Faculty, staff, and students should feel free to use this space while on campus. The room is not reservable and is available for use whenever the Kirkhof Center is open.



The Interfaith Space Task Force has established the following guidelines to regulate the use of this space with the hope that it will be a welcome sanctuary for people of all faiths and non-faith practices. 

Guidelines for use of the Interfaith Reflection Room

  • Silence is valued in this space.
  • Please use this space for its intended purposes only [prayer and meditation].
  • Please be cognizant and respectful of the personal space of others.
  • The posting or leaving of materials of any kind, in this room, is prohibited. All printed materials left in the room will be disposed of.
  • Gatherings that cannot be conducted in silence should be done in other rooms. Contact Event Services at (616) 331-2350 to reserve a room.


Page last modified March 4, 2021