Interfaith Contemplative Traditions

Join us Virtually October 26

You are invited to join us for Interfaith Contemplative Traditions: a group that practices Interspiritual Companioning. This is a space where people of any faith or spiritual tradition can enter into various disciplines of prayer, meditation, or reflection from across our different traditions to explore with one another how we encounter and experience the Divine. This space will be deeply personal and deeply spiritual, yet does not in any way require or expect you to step outside of your own tradition or beliefs. 

We will be utilizing each other's experiences with prayer and meditation to build relationships and journey with each other on a deeper level of understanding.

Our Current Focus:

As we navigate this unprecedented time in our lives with a pandemic, living in a virtual world, and significant cultural divide it's more important than ever that we revisit practices that help ground and return to ourselves.  After all ...that is the path of a contemplative regardless of faith tradition. Contemplative practices help provide us with self-awareness to be both mindfully present but also provide a sense of objectivity.  This helps us to be aware of both our thoughts and the feelings we are experiencing as we navigate life and our spiritual path.  

A perennial wisdom held in many faith traditions is the role of the ego as it relates to hindering inner peace and moving us further from the divine. After all many meditation practices are to help us gently set aside the ego so we can be present, observe our thoughts, and feel at peace.  With that in mind we are going to focus our Fall (and part of our Winter) time on the teachings from a book called, "Lessons for Living Beyond the Ego: Sustaining Your Journey to Love, Joy and Peace."   There are 52 short chapters in this book so we will need to decide how we want to work through them as a group. 

We will resume our bi-weekly gatherings on Monday evenings from 5 - 6:30 pm

These sessions will include time for individual reflection and group sharing. 

The first meeting will take place Monday, October 26.

Virtually via ZOOM (the Zoom link will be shared on the day of our gatherings)


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