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This winter, we have two separate book groups taking place. Feel free to join one or both!

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Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving through Deep Difference

For the New Year, the Kaufman Book Study group will be reading and discussing Confident Pluralism: Surviving and Thriving through Deep Difference by John D. Inazu.  

About the book:  In Confident Pluralism, John D. Inazu analyzes the current state of the country, orients the contemporary United States within its broader history, and explores the ways that Americans can—and must—strive to live together peaceably despite our deeply ingrained differences. Pluralism is one of the founding creeds of the United States—yet America’s society and legal system continues to face deep, unsolved structural problems in dealing with differing cultural anxieties and differing viewpoints. Inazu not only argues that it is possible to cohabitate peacefully in this country, but also lays out realistic guidelines for our society and legal system to achieve the new American dream through civic practices that value toleration over protest, humility over defensiveness, and persuasion over coercion.

About the book study:  This group will meet on every other Wednesday afternoon from 2:00-3:30 pm by Zoom beginning on January 24, 2024 and will be facilitated by Kaufman Associate, Karen Meyers. For this study, we would ask that you obtain the paperback copy (available from Amazon or other vendors) which has an updated preface.


To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss, and Radical Hope

In tandem to Kaufman's series of convenings dedicated to unpacking social justice themes in Interfaith engagement, we will be hosting a second book group in the Winter/Spring of 2024, this one focusing on To My Beloveds: Letters on Faith, Race, Loss, and Radical Hope by Jennifer Bailey.

About the book:  How do we heal today's grief and loss to become the leaders the world needs now? Activist Jen Bailey offers heartfelt letters of encouragement, comfort, revelation, and hope for young activists and emerging faith leaders aspiring to build a better world amidst its violence, trauma, and loss - and who may wonder if they're up to the task or unsure if they'll ever see the change they seek. Considering three central questions - what is dying, what wants to emerge, and what is already blooming beautifully - Bailey's poignant letters inspire us to imagine how our grief and despair can be composted into new life filled with courage, hope, and purpose for our shared future.

About the book group:  This group will meet on Monday evenings via Zoom from 7-8pm EST on the following dates: January 22nd, February 12th, and February 26th. On Monday, March 18th, the Kaufman Interfaith Institute will be hosting Rev. Bailey for an in-person/live-streamed lecture. After this lecture, we will gather for a final wrap-up session via Zoom on Monday, April 29th.

These sessions will be facilitated by Rev. Holly Makimaa and Kyle Kooyers.


Kaufman book group information with picture of Rev. Jen Bailey's book, To My Beloveds

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