GVSU Religious Inclusion and Accommodation

Site Visit at St. Nick's Orthodox Church

In accordance with the Religious Inclusion Policy, GVSU will provide reasonable accommodations for faculty, staff and students to observe their religious beliefs, except where accommodating the request would result in undue hardship on the University in its mission, operation or in meeting its academic standards.

If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation, please complete a Request for Religious Accommodation and submit it to your professor within the first two weeks of each semester or as soon as reasonably possible. For further information regarding this procedure, please see the Religious Inclusion Policy.

Made in Michigan Interfaith Leadership Lab

If you've had a moment where you felt belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on your identity, report a Bias Incident through the Campus Climate Concerns system.

If you feel that you are being or have been discriminated against based on your faith or non-faith tradition, report a discrimination or harassment complaint.

Page last modified July 13, 2023