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Virtual Reality to Reality

Kirkhof College of Nursing students are learning how to conduct at-home safety assessments through the virtual reality technology room in the new DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health. Find out more about the state-of-the-art simulation experience that students say helps them uniquely prepare for a clinical setting in someone’s home.


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Academic Calendar

Fall 2021

Classes End and Commencement

December 11

Examination Week

December 13 - 18

Semester Ends

December 18

Grades Due from Faculty

December 21 by 12:00 pm

Grades Available to Students

December 23

Fall 2021 Grading Calendar

Grading Period 4

December 21

Full Term Grades

December 21 by 12:00 pm

Classes Ending by Saturday, December 18 (Parts of Term: D9, E10, F9, H7, I6, I7, J3, K5, L1, L3, N1, and P19).

December 21 by 12:00 pm

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