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Tours offer perspectives on religions

February 04, 2019

Original Source: GVNow

Grand Valley students learned about Buddhism firsthand during a Sacred Site Visit at the Grand Rapids Buddhist Temple and Zen Center on January 18.

Sacred Site Visits are sponsored by Campus Interfaith Resources, giving students an opportunity to explore traditions that differ from their own as they take tours, view presentations and meet people who practice various religions.

“When we bring students to sacred sites, we often are pushing them out of their comfort zone a little bit," said Lauryn Nett, graduate assistant for Campus Interfaith Resources. "This is where learning tends to happen, when students are in a new space with new people. As they get a tour and short presentation, they get to see the differences and similarities between their own tradition and the tradition that we are visiting.”

At the temple, students took a tour, viewed a presentation about Buddhism and participated in traditions such as chants and incense burning.

Nett said she believes these events provide immense value for both students and the communities they visit.

"People have an opportunity to connect with a population of folks who they might not regularly interact with," Nett said. “It is also a chance for the GVSU community to get off-campus and learn more about the diverse community we have in Grand Rapids.” 

The next Sacred Site Visit will take place at the Masjid Al-Tawheed Islamic Center in Grand Rapids on April 12. Learn more at

-- written by Madison Barnes, student writer

For More Information Contact: Michele Coffill in University Communications - 616-331-2221

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