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Reported Bias Incidents Summary

January 07, 2010

Reported Biased Incidents Summary

Fall Semester 2009


            There were sixteen (16) biased incidents reported to the Dean of Students Office during the fall semester 2009.  All incidents but one (1) occurred on the Allendale campus with 11 reported in freshman housing areas, 2 reported in the Kirkhof Center, 2 reported in upper-class housing areas, and 1 reported in an academic building.  Reports included 9 incidents regarding sexual orientation, 3 incidents regarding race, 2 incidents regarding disability, and 2 incidents regarding gender.  Nine incidents involved anonymous comments posted on public white boards or scrawled on a door, five incidents involved comments made by individuals, and two incidents involved vandalized posters.  All reported incidents were investigated and appropriate follow-up actions were taken and support was provided to victim(s) and/or the reporting individual.

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