Walktober 2021 Challenge

Blue bridge on the Allendale Campus with fall trees surrounding it, with the Walktober logo

Getting Active Has Never Been Easier, or More Fun

Experience the joy of movement with this 33-day walking challenge

  • Track walking minutes or steps, and other activities online
  • Reach your goals to earn points, badges, and unlock awe-inspiring fall photos from all over the world
  • Compete against other GVSU members, or opt-out of the leaderboard
  • Post fall photos, team photos, activity ideas and more to the Walktober Wellness Wall
  • Sample 250+ nutritious new recipes
  • Access daily wellness tips
When can I register?
September 13 - October 8
When does the challenge begin?
October 4 - November 5
Who can sign up?
Open to eligible faculty, staff and household members
Is this a team challenge?
Sign up with a team, or individually